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About Us

The Ekstra farm is a young, dynamic structure extending across the endless panoramas of the Po Valley. The Soresina land property, in the Cremona countryside, covers 50 hectares and holds a careful selection of organic medicinal plants. The ongoing effort made by Ekstra is in research and development, starting with choice of plants to be cultivated from year to year, on to identifying the farming equipment to be used for sowing, harvesting and transformation. Each species was chosen considering climate and land characteristics, to optimise the harvest and guarantee high quality raw materials. Ekstra has decided to invest in automation and technological innovation; to preserve and enhance the specific details of each single plant, to be sold and processed both fresh and dried.

The choice to concentrate solely on safe, traceable seeds (in compliance with organic production regulations) is a decided guarantee for those buying. The high, made in Italy quality standards combine with the personalisation of the product, cut and processed based on its intended market. We are willing to collaborate for specific market needs, and can plant to order, allocating a part of our land to cultivate sought-after plants that are not very common.

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